St. Marys Marathon and Rider Express

202 West South Street, St. Marys, OH 45885 (419) 300-1060


St. Marys Marathon and Rider Express in St. Marys, OH offers a full seating area for eating in the store, including both booth and chair seating. We also offer delivery for both lunch and dinner. Our lunch delivery schedule is Monday - Friday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and delivery for dinner starts at 4:30 PM on Thursday - Sunday. We also serve breakfast Monday - Friday from 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM. For more information on breakfast items available, please check inside the store for a complete breakfast menu.

Check out our menu below for available items along with their prices. Prices are subjuct to change. We DO NOT accept checks for payment, however, cash and most major credit cards are accepted. If you're interested in bulk orders or larger quantity orders, please call the store at (419) 300-1060.


Pre-Game Warm Ups – Appetizers

The Starting Line-Up - Create Your Own Pizzas

Pizza 6" 9" 12" 15" 18"
Cheese $2.99 $6.00 $7.99 $10.99 $12.99
1 Topping $3.29 $6.60 $8.99 $12.19 $14.49
2 Toppings $3.59 $7.20 $9.99 $13.39 $15.99
3 Toppings $3.89 $7.80 $10.99 $14.59 $17.49
4 Toppings $4.19 $8.40 $11.99 $15.79 $18.99
Extra Topping $0.30 $0.60 $1.00 $1.20 $1.50


Hamburger, Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Extra Cheese,
Mushrooms, Onions, Olives (Black and Green), Banana Peppers, Green Peppers, Jalapenos

Touchdown Specials - Specialty Pizzas

From the End Zone - Sandwiches

Fish Cod Sandwich

Hot Dog

Sloppy Joe

Chicken Patty Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Patty


Grilled Cheese*




Double Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger

Grilled Pizza Burger

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Deluxe Toppings:

American or Swiss Cheese

Tomato only

Lettuce, Pickle, or Onion

Tomato, Lettuce, Onion and Pickle


Ref's Favorites - Sub Sandwiches

All subs $5.00 each

Ranch dressing, bacon, turkey, onion and mushroom

Pepperoni, cheese, sauce, and two toppings of your choice

Ham, salami, pepperoni, cheese and Italian dressing

Buffalo Chicken
Ranch and buffalo chicken

Sauce and one topping or your choice

BBQ Sauce and one topping of your choice

Ham and Cheese
Pizza sauce, ham and cheese

Meatballs, pizza sauce or BBQ Sauce

Philly Sub
Sliced beef, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms

Chicken Bacon Ranch
Grilled chicken, bacon, ranch

Sub Sandwich Extras:

Extra Meat

Extra Toppings

Rider LogoBroaster Chicken Logo

St. Marys Marathon and Rider Express
is now serving World Famous
Broaster Chicken and Potato Wedges!

Wing Dinner

5 Wings (Regular or Spicy)
10 Wings (Regular or Spicy)
Includes 3 wedges, 1 roll

Chicken Only

1 Wing
1 Leg
1 Thigh
1 Breast

Fish Only

1 Piece
2 Pieces
3 Pieces
4 Pieces

Chicken Meals

4-Piece Meal
(1 of each cut meat)

8-Piece Meal
(2 of each cut meat)

12-Piece Meal
(3 of each cut meat)

16-Piece Meal
(4 of each cut meat)

20-Piece Meal
(5 of each cut meat)

50-Piece Meal
(12 of each cut meat,
+ 1 extra thigh and leg)


Quarterback Deals - Dinner Combos

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